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Electrician Phoenix | Reasons to Install a Security Lighting System in Phoenix

Jan 13


You want to be able to see what is happening at your home or business day and night. But installing a security system on its own is not enough, you have to have the right type of lighting installed. Installing the right type of security lighting is one of the most important features you can have implemented to help provide your home or business with 24/7 real-time video monitoring and early detection of intruders. Here are some reasons why you should consider installing a security lighting system in Phoenix AZ today.

Real-time Monitoring

One of the most important reasons to install a security lighting system in your home is because it provides you with 24/7 monitoring of what is happening both inside and outside of your home. It doesn’t matter if you are unable to monitor the cameras yourself, either locally or on a remote computer; you can be sure that someone will be able to see any suspicious activity around your property to give you that valuable early warning.

Early Detection of Intruders

Even if your security lighting system isn’t able to catch a direct image of an intruder, it still does provide valuable information about the timing and location of the intrusion to help with both identification and prosecution. In many cases, even knowing exactly when or where a crime occurred can be enough to lead police right to the criminal’s door. An alarm going off will only tell a small part of a story, but having video footage can mean all the difference in catching criminals who thought they got away scot-free.


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Convincing Evidence

Video footage from a security lighting system isn’t always going to provide a direct image, but it will provide convincing evidence about an intrusion with several key pieces of information including time and date stamps as well as any suspicious activity around windows and doors. During an investigation, video footage like this can be used as proof

Saves Money on Your Electric Bills

Many homeowners will install a security lighting system knowing they want it to provide the benefits listed above. But one of the best things about having a security lighting system installed is that it also helps to save you money on your electric bills because of how inexpensive and efficient LED and motion sensor lights can be.

Responding to Security Breaches Quickly

One of the worst things about a security breach is not knowing about it until it’s too late. Even if you have a security system, there is still a chance that an intruder can get in without triggering the alarm or causing any damage. Having a security lighting system designed with high-quality cameras and sensors means that you will be notified as soon as someone gets even close to your property so you can act quickly before anything happens.

How Electrician Phoenix AZ Can Help You Keep Your Home Safe

One of the top ways electrician Phoenix AZ can help homeowners keep their homes safe is by helping them install appropriate systems for monitoring both day and night. They can also help ensure that these systems work effectively and efficiently so homeowners don’t have to worry about high energy bills.

The first step to ensuring that safety is finding out what types of security systems are available for your home. The safety system you choose should take into account several factors, including the size and layout of your house, how many people live there, whether or not there are pets in the household, where the room(s) under surveillance are located (dead ends don’t need as much lighting as high traffic areas), and the number of people who will be using this room on a regular basis.


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What You Need to Know About Security Lighting Systems

There are many different options when it comes to security lighting systems, some of which may be better for your home than others depending on the area you live in. For instance, if you live in or near an industrial neighborhood where there is a lot of exterior activity day and night, motion sensors alone may not be enough to provide dependable protection. However, motion sensors combined with high-quality cameras that can capture clear images at night will provide homeowners with maximum protection against intruders both inside and outside their homes.

Motion detectors work by detecting movement. They are usually programmed to detect movement within a certain radius or distance (typically between 20 feet and 30 feet). Motion detectors will not turn on any lights, but they will trigger a signal that alerts the electrician in Phoenix who is monitoring them at all times.

A camera with a motion detector works in the same way, except that instead of sending a signal to an electrician in Phoenix, the camera is wired to record video. This combination is effective because motion sensors can detect activity up to 30 feet away, but what happens when someone walks by your house without triggering the motion sensor? The camera will capture an image of them and store it on record for you to view.

Enhance Your Existing System

Another way electrician Phoenix AZ can help homeowners enhance their existing security system is by adding additional features like motion sensors to lighting that is already installed around the exterior of their home. This means motion sensors can be triggered by both outdoor and indoor activities, allowing homeowners to have peace of mind whether they are at home or away on vacation.

Electrician Phoenix AZ can also help homeowners choose the best exterior lighting fixtures for their needs. There are several different types of outdoor security lights available, including path lights, post lamps, and up-lighters. Electrician Phoenix AZ can help homeowners install outdoor lighting that is best suited for the exterior design of their home, as well as provide them with energy-efficient fixtures that will save money on their monthly electric bills.

Replace Bulbs with LEDs

Homeowners who want to improve their existing security lighting system without spending too much money should look into replacing old bulbs with LEDs, which are more efficient and last longer than traditional incandescent bulbs. When you combine this with motion-sensor lights, not only will your energy bills go down, but you’ll also never have to worry about changing a bulb again because LEDs can last for up to five years under normal conditions.

Improve the Appeal of Your Home

Homeowners who host frequent outdoor gatherings or parties will want to ensure that their home looks attractive both day and night. One way electrician Phoenix AZ can help accomplish this is by installing floodlights at certain areas around the exterior of your property, allowing homeowners to illuminate their landscaping, pathways, pools, hot tubs, gardens and patios after dark to enhance their homes’ curb appeal.

Security lighting systems are designed to provide the best protection possible against intruders whether during the day or at night. However, even if you invest in one of these systems it’s important to note that not all cameras are created equal when it comes to capturing clear images outdoors. Installing security lighting alone won’t protect your home during the night, especially if you live in or near an industrial neighborhood. The best way to solve this problem is by installing high-quality cameras with motion sensors so homeowners will be notified immediately in the event of a security breach.

What To Look For in Security Lighting Systems?

Light sensors, motion detectors, and floodlights are just a few of the features that homeowners should look for in security lighting systems. Motion-activated floodlights are an effective deterrent against intruders because they will only detect motion within designated areas around your home. This way if someone’s trying to break into your house or carry out illegal activity, your security lighting system will immediately activate and notify you in the process. Installing floodlights in key areas where intruders are most likely to break in also increases your home’s overall level of security.

Aside from saving money on electric bills, homeowners should consider how installing energy-efficient lighting systems can reduce their carbon footprint by limiting their exposure to carbon dioxide that is released into the air. They brighten up your property and highlight landscaping features while promoting a safe environment for everyone who lives there.

Why Hiring Professional Electrician Phoenix AZ Is Important?

You can save energy and money by installing motion-activated floodlights around your home, but only if they’re installed correctly. That’s why homeowners should always hire professional electricians to perform all outdoor lighting installations so everything turns out the way it should. They will first take the time to understand your needs before providing you with a proposal. They will create a customized security lighting system based on your specific requirements, allowing homeowners to enjoy peace of mind knowing that they are protected by the best security system possible.

A professional company in Phoenix like Star Light Electric will ensure that every single lighting fixture they install is of the highest possible quality. They will also make sure that all wiring is concealed by either installing recessed fixtures or mounting them underneath eave overhangs, eliminating any safety hazards caused by loose wires.


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