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Walkabout Wildlife Sanctuary

Jun 2

About Walkabout Wildlife Sanctuary

The Australia Walkabout Wildlife Park is a sanctuary for native animals and farm creatures alike. Visitors can take scheduled tours of the grounds, which include night time excursions in order to see some–but not all—of their newest additions: meerkats! The wildlife park was recently expanded with more space available on both sides so that way if you come during open hours then there's no need to wait around after dark when it gets too blurry outside.

Walkabout Park is an educational, safe haven for animals in need. Visitors can learn about the importance of protecting their natural environments by exploring this park that protects two breeds of threatened turtles as well other rare creatures like goannas and wallabies! Walkabout also has interactive exhibits with hands-on activities designed to teach kids what they should do if this wildlife encounters ever happen while out walking or camping; it's always good practice anyway right?

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What to do in Walkabout Wildlife Sanctuary

Walkabout Park is a place where you can immerse yourself in the animals' world and understand why they need our help. The site has three main features: an education centre, residential housing for indigenous staff members who work at Walkabout park as well as volunteers from around Australia, and preservation of critical native habitats on Darkinjung & Guringai land rich with ancient knowledge about caring for the country which teaches us how to care properly so that these iconic Australian species may continue living strong!

The Walkabout was the perfect place to take a break from our busy lives and spend some time with nature. I couldn't have asked for anything more enjoyable! The animals at this zoo are so friendly, it's hard not be drawn into their world even if you're on your own visit there 
A day (or better yet an overnight) in any animal’s company will make anyone feel like they've finally found home again - no matter what nation or culture that person comes from.

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