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On-grid Solar Power System

Aug 25


On-grid solar systems, also known as grid-tie and connected solar systems, are the most economical type of solar system. This complete solar system includes high-efficiency solar panels, an on-grid inverter, and standard accessories. This system will provide you with continuous electricity and will reduce your electricity bills.

This solar system uses solar panels to generate DC electricity from sunlight. The solar inverter converts the DC electricity into AC electricity that can be used at home or at work.

Solar net metering is used to feed excess power into the main electric grid. The exported units will be adjusted in your electricity bill by the power provider or government.

There are many options for on-grid solar systems. You should read the entire below information to ensure you choose the right capacity for your power needs.


What is the working principle of a grid-based solar power system?

The system operates in two ways: the electricity supply can flow from the grid to which it's connected to the user's house to the grid. This makes the on-grid system highly affordable and very useful. The grid is tied to the solar panels that are installed at the user's residence. The solar panels convert sunlight to electricity, which is called Direct Current (DC). The current is then sent through an inverter. The inverter converts the DC into Alternating Current (AC), which then powers the electrical devices. The electricity is then sent to the grid to be used for daily use. Grid-tied inverters regulate the voltage and amount of electricity that is supplied to households. This is because the total power generated is often more than the home can use. The net meter is an important feature. This device records both the energy used and the energy supplied to the grid. The consumer receives a bill at the end of each month. The main electricity distribution panel then converts the power supply to homes.


On-Grid Solar System: Cost

Arizona's solar market is very attractive and the world is increasing its investment in renewable energy yearly.

The price of solar equipment and modules has dropped significantly in the last few decades due to increased production worldwide. This has made it a practical energy source that can be used for many purposes including homes, businesses, and farms as well as municipalities and industrial applications.


While solar power is more affordable than ever before it still represents a large investment. To be effective, it must be well designed and properly installed. Advosy Energy provides custom-designed solar power systems to meet your needs.

On-grid Solar Benefits


1. Zero Electricity bills

The solar power system is connected to the grid but the consumer pays only for the excess electricity that he uses. If a consumer is subject to any payments, it will be determined by the monthly generated bill. However, if the consumer uses less electricity, it is returned to the grid.

2. Easy maintenance

An on-grid solar energy system requires minimal parts and is easy to install. Easy maintenance is possible due to the elimination of batteries.

3. Passive income generation

A consumer can charge the electricity surplus he produces by connecting to the grid. You can not only get rid of your electricity bills, but also enjoy the cost savings from the excess electricity you generate.

4. Cost Effectiveness

On-grid solar systems offer the best cost-effectiveness and are easy to install. These systems are ideal for households, as they can easily be recovered through additional power transmission to the grid.